September 23, 2019

Mural Random-osity

The Good: Front Royal just got a colorful new mural. I happened to see it yesterday when the artist was putting on the finishing touches.

Her name is Jacquie Ris and she is a student at VCU in Richmond. Although young, she has already acquired a reputation as an artist in Front Royal for painting panels on a flower shop and the Mountain Trails mural on Main Street.

This one shows kayaks on the Shenandoah River and mountains in the background.

The Random: I spotted this eagle whirligig on a step in Strasburg when I went to the unveiling of that town's newest mural... shown below.

The Fun: A crowd showed up to celebrate Strasburg's barn quilt mural. The artists were there, and  music was provided by Cardinal Folk, a one-man band.

Sharing with Monday Murals and Mosaic Monday.


  1. Two very different murals made me smile, Linda. The first artist is so different and I enjoyed the nature inspired art. The second, the quilt, was incredible. It must be hard enough to make one of those quilts, let alone to PAINT one on the side of a home. Both are great finds.

  2. Linda - it amazes me how you can continue to find new murals! I think I like the quilt one the best! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday, and have a wonderful week!

  3. I was just saying on a different blog that I like the way these murals just spring up - they are great to see.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Darwin, NT, Australia

  4. ...Front Royal sure is a colorful spot!

  5. Hello, these are beautiful murals. I love the first one, the scene is so pretty. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  6. Both great murals Linda, the first one is my favourite. So nice to catch the artist still at work. Thanks for participating Linda.

  7. Linda, you are BRILLIANT. Not only is that the bridge, it also explains who the artist is for each and what the mural is. I had NO idea that was a conch shell. Wish I'd known about this last week, too. GREAT FIND, dear!!!!

  8. Lovely murals with bright, cheery colors.

  9. It's great to have some images for Front Royal, which usually for me is just a direction on the highway out of the DC suburbs in VA! Beautiful and imaginative.

    best.. mae at

  10. Beautiful both different ways. Fun to watch the artist at work! I’d enjoy that.


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