August 12, 2019

Some Fun, Plus a Thought about Greed..

The Good: Front Royal has a new mural and it puts the town on the Appalachian Mural Trail.

Monday Murals.
Painted by Jacqui Ris, the mural is at Mountain Trails, a store for hikers and travelers. In addition to gear, the store offers a shower and bathroom for hikers, and even laundry facilities.

Many hikers on the Appalachian Trail (AT) visit Front Royal because the town is within walking distance of Shenandoah National Park, which hosts slightly over 100 miles of the AT.

The mural shows two people hiking with a dog. The young artist has also painted murals on a flower shop.

The Random: Ever wonder why we put up with wealthy people doing awful things until they get way out of hand? It seems to me that we not only need to be critical of greed, but we need to stop idolizing the quest for wealth.

The Fun: Last week's National Night Out offered a wholesome combination of recreation and a good cause: the chance for citizens to get to know their public safety officers. This collage shows some images from the festivities in Strasburg.

Mosaic Monday.


  1. That's a very cool mural. I agree with you, Linda. People need to be less greedy.

  2. I love the murals. Having seen the ones in Martinsville recently, I would like to go to as many towns as I can to see more, so thank you for sharing the new one in Front Royal, and also the link. I very much agree with your random thoughts. Enjoyed the collage also. Looked like a real nice get together with those public safety officers.

  3. ...and there was a movie years ago that said greed was good!

  4. Hello, love the murals, beautiful! I agree with you on greed, it does lead to destruction. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy week ahead!

  5. I'm always thrilled to see more murals!

  6. That's a fantastic mural. I take it the water bowl is filled for dogs to stop for a drink, too.

    Our National Night Out is this next Tuesday, which is odd, since it's always been on election day in the past. Glad yours was a success. Looks like everyone was having fum. They aren't calling ours NNO, though. It's Neighborhood Night Out this year.

  7. Your National night out looks like fun.
    Love the mural and what a great store for the hikers.
    Thanks for participating Linda.

  8. Lovely mural work!

    Those who go through life believing that it's a zero sum game are part of the problem.

  9. Linda - that mural is so appropriate for the store. I agree with your comments and quote about greed - the accumulation of possessions is an empty pursuit. We are blessed financially, but I think we are still "simple" people who don't go overboard with it. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  10. The mural is way cool. I have a friend doing the Pacific Coast trail this year and plans on doing the Appalachian trail next year. It is quite the thing.

    I am trying to get ready to retire next year and a book I am reading now talks about how achievement oriented people often do poorly in retirement because many of them are never happy. I think that is true. I've run into a lot of rich people in my line of work. Most of are just run of the mill people who have a gift for making money and/or leadership and although they live well, I think they would be happy with much less. Others are just miserable bastards who brag incessantly about their cars, houses, trips they took, and are miserable because their loved ones bailed on them long ago.


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