June 25, 2018

Random-osity for a Green June Day.

The Good: New murals decorate a florist's building in Front Royal. A sign credits artist Jacqui Ris, who is only eighteen years old. 
Sharing with Monday Murals.
The Random: It is heart-breaking to read that our government separated young children from their parents at the border.  Struggling to find some meaning in this horrifying situation, I realized that at least now I know who is lacking in empathy, on of the most important qualities of human beings!

The Fun: Oh, that's a big change in theme! Well, playgrounds can be fun. Most of them are safer than what we had as children, and often they are designed with great imagination.


  1. Lovely bright mural, I like that it's been painted by a young artist/
    A very sad situation indeed, hopefully sorted out and it won't happen again. It felt like going back to World war II!

  2. What a pretty mural. I agree about the lack of empathy. It does seem that T is creating a big mess for the US and the world. Very sad!

  3. I love the flowers mural! The playground looks like a fun place. Just this past week, the people in my community came together to build a playground based on designs that came from the area's children. What a neat project!

  4. It seems to me that as I grew up out of childhood, playgrounds would inevitably be replaced by new equipment conveniently after I was gone. Safer, yes, but I'm not sure if it's more fun.

    Your country will survive this. It's just a matter of how much damage that man and his supporters do until their day is done.

  5. Love the flowers' murals... That young man is very talented....Thanks for sharing.


  6. I do like the flower mural, yellow is such a cheerful colour.

    All the best Jan


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