August 4, 2019

Salvation, Sunflowers, and Jazz

Today in Winchester, Virginia

There was a talk at the MSV and after it ended, I saw the Sally Veach exhibit, had a snack in the garden picnic area, and drove through the north end of the city. I stopped at the Salvation Army center on Fort Collier Road to take a few pictures for the InSpired Sunday linkup.

This large building houses both a worship center and an emergency shelter. Their sunflowers are impressive!

I also made a stop on North Kent Street to take photos of a beautiful mural of jazz musicians for the mural linkup. Also I wanted a photo of the historical marker there.

The left panel of the mural advertises Stephen's Jazz Café and bears the name Stephen Williams. His café is next door.  It's one of the nicer buildings on that block.

A few yards away is a historical marker for John Kirby, Jazz Musician.

"Born on 31 Dec. 1908, John Kirk (John Kirby) was raised here by the Rev. Washington Johnson. He learned to play the piano and trombone and then moved to Baltimore in the 1920s where he picked up the tuba and bass. In New York City by 1930, he played bass in legendary bands led by Chick Webb and Fletcher Henderson. In 1937, the John Kirby Sextet was formed at the Onyx Club on W. 52nd St. in New York City. Billed as “The Biggest Little Band in the Land,” they were known for their musical precision and intricate arrangements and performed nationally into the middle 1940s. Kirby died on 14 June 1952 in Hollywood, California."


  1. Salvation Army do some great work and their places of worship are always simple. Love the mural, did you try the food there as well?

  2. A nice tribute to the jazz artists.

  3. ...a nice piece of jazz history.

  4. Good that jazz musicians are getting recognized! I love the mural!

  5. Great tribute to the jazz musicians. The Salvation Army does good work. Thanks for contributing Linda

  6. Love that mural, a nice tribute!

  7. great place lovr from Europe

  8. Isn't that a lovely mural.
    Thanks for sharing your photographs.

    All the best Jan

  9. The mural sign is great. I enjoy traditional Jazz but don’t know a lot about it.


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