August 5, 2019

Ever Heard of a Wedding Barn?

The Good: Rosemont Springs in Berryville has completed their huge barn and it accommodates both weddings and receptions. I saw pictures of the interior and the cathedral ceiling looks stunning. 

The Barn Collective.
See my 2017 post on Rosemont Manor.

The Random: We went to Millwood on Saturday to view an event spotlighting Lord Dunmore's War. This 1774 war against native tribes has been mostly forgotten because it was eclipsed by the American Revolution which started shortly afterward. 

Mosaic Monday.
The Fun: Look what we saw in our neighborhood today?

I think fawns are so adorable!


  1. Oh, I love the last photo, so cute☺

  2. ...barn wedding have been the rage. That looks like the old mill in Millwood, what a neat little town. Thanks Linda for stopping by, I hope that you are enjoying your week.

  3. Hello, I have heard of some barn weddings. This place looks beautiful. I love the sweet deer. Wishing you a happy day!

  4. There were so many other conflicts in early colonial America, which made life hard on the frontiers, of which western Virginia once was!

  5. Interesting photos and history. I've never heard of Lord Dunmore's War. The converted barn is impressive.

  6. The fawns are a welcome sight indeed.

  7. Wow, that barn looks like a wonderful place for a wedding! And I agree ... those fawns are absolutely adorable. :)

  8. Linda - you live in such a beautiful, historic area. How wonderful to see those fawns in the neighborhood! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  9. I have heard of wedding barns, but I've never attended a wedding in one. It's a unique idea. The fawns are so cute!


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