July 25, 2019

The View from Chapman Farm Road

Gooney Creek meets the South Fork of the Shenandoah at a place called Karo Landing. It is a popular place for launching canoes and kayaks. I believe I was here many years ago but did not recall where it was until I went there on a field trip in 2017.

You can reach this spot via a rough-looking lane called Chapman Farm Road. Just before the boat landing there's a swimming hole, practically hidden from the road.

If you hang out there a while, you may see a train go over the overpass. 



  1. Wow,wonderful place! Have a lovely weekend ☺

  2. How great to have a swimming hole in the weather most people are having (though not here in NC right now).

  3. Nice views along back roads. The swimming hole seems like a throwback to simpler times.

  4. Ooh, that hidden swimming hole would be perfect on a hot day.


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