November 3, 2017

Random Snapshots from Saturday's Tour

While on the history tour that I referenced yesterday, I took some extra photos that have very little to do with Mosby or other Civil War actions. The first one is a home on Criser Road. I happened to be stuck there in traffic because Front Royal is crowded with tourists on autumn weekends, mostly people on their way to Skyline Drive to see the scenery in autumnal splendor.

1. The funny thing about this house is that I've passed it before and wanted to get a picture of the  Statue of Liberty but did not have a safe place to pull over. Since I was stopped in traffic on Saturday, I rolled down the window and snapped a photo. 

2. Our first tour stop was at Gooney Creek where it enters the Shenandoah. Some men were fishing there. I was pleased to get down to that spot because I had started to drive there before but chickened out because of ruts in the road. I feared they would get worse and I'd get stuck! However, since our teacher was leading the way, I followed without concern and sure enough, the road got a little better.

3. At our next stop  there are several bridges across Overall Run built in different decades. Here we see abutments of an old bridge under the current railroad bridge. Last Sunday I shared a monochrome image of a dramatic view of the same railroad bridge. Black and White Weekend selected it as one of six photos to show today.

4. Here's another snapshot I took from the car. I had stopped for a red light next to these straw critters.

5. We saw some fine fall foliage. This tree is on Richardson Hill in Front Royal.

In addition to Tanya's blog hop, I'm sharing photos with Orange You Glad It's Friday and My Town Shoot Out.


  1. ...I have seen few straw critters this year.

  2. The house with the Statue of Liberty is cool. Enjoyed seeing the remnants of an old bridge, seeing the fisherman reminded me of my dad who loved fly fishings. Loved the straw critters and what pretty foliage.

  3. The fall colours are a cheerful sight, as are those straw animals!

  4. I like the decorated hay bales!

  5. What a whimsical collection - a good reason to be thankful for traffic and stop lights! Have a glorious weekend!

  6. Just love the straw critters, aren't they great!

    All the best Jan

  7. I really enjoyed all of these Linda! The house with the statue of liberty is neat and the critters are cute! That tree is gorgeous! Thanks for linking up Linda!


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