May 23, 2019

The View from Squirrel Gap Road

Near Capon Springs, WV

We were here in October and it was really pretty so we went back to see it in the springtime. It wasn't until I looked at my navigation screen that I realized the name of the road was Squirrel Gap. I didn't see a sign for the road; just a arrow on Route 55 with the name Hawk.

I decided to turn onto the road that leads to Hawk Recreation Area. 

The picnic area is primitive and very quiet. It was a weekday and no one else was there.

The only running water is the kind you bring up with a hand pump.

Here we see Smokey on a sign, a symbol of fire prevention.

I drove to the entrance of the nearby campground. It was quiet also. I did not attempt to enter because the road was badly rutted.

Lynn and her dog camped there last year and found it very pleasant. She said the only other guests there were some people carrying binoculars, apparently birdwatchers.


  1. ...I don't see Smokey much these days!

  2. Deep woods and quiet...I think probably peaceful. I dare say this weekend will be full of campers enjoying the holiday, so their voices will be ringing through the woods.

  3. So quiet and private. Lovely place to visit.

  4. Love all the bright spring green!


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