October 28, 2018

The View Near Capon Springs.

Late this afternoon we headed west of Route 55 into West Virginia. Let me share a couple of buildings near Capon Springs plus some autumnal scenes on the mountain above that town.
Willow Chapel School
The light was fading by the time I spotted this old school so I rendered it in black and white

For Inspired Sunday: Heritage Independent Baptist Church.
Background: My goal for this short trip was to see some autumn color. I found it on Great North Mountain, where the foliage is just about at its peak color. Shortly after crossing into West Virginia, I turned right into the forest on a narrow road that leads to Hawk Campground.

 I did not drive down the lane that leads to the camp but instead continued to Capon Springs Road, which Lynn recently told me about after she and her dog camped at Hawk. That road goes through the charming village of Capon Springs and ends at WV 259, which took us to Wardensville. From there it is an easy ride up US 48/ WV 55 and back into Virginia. 


  1. hello, pretty scenes. The Autumn colors are lovely. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and the new week!

  2. ...beautiful countryside.

  3. Love that you captured some color - well done. Maybe I'll go looking if today is sunny.

  4. It's only the broad size of that building that gives it away as a church. At first glance I would think it as a particularly large house.

  5. That church is very different, love the shape.

  6. Beautiful area. I have relatives living in West Virginia.

  7. Beautiful autumn colors and great photos.
    Greetings from rainy Poland.

  8. That does look like low church, wonderful setting

  9. Beautiful Fall Colors there. I posted some pretty ones we saw in North Carolina this past week....


  10. A beautiful drive - love the scenery! x K

  11. Pretty autumnal colors! I like the clean lines of the black and white shot.


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