March 23, 2019

Birds and Animals on National Puppy Day.

Saturday's a good time for sharing critter pictures, and I just downloaded some from my game camera. There were hundreds of photos of geese walking by, but this one caught them flying off. Unlike Canada geese, white geese don't fly very far.

The best night photo on the card was this one of a deer. (I cropped all three of the game camera photos since it does not compose, it just shoots when it senses movement.)

We have a possum in our yard who comes out at night. He appeared in a number of pictures but since he is small, they were mostly not clear.

Next are a few bird pictures taken with my trusty old Nikon. It has a few problems but the zoom still works, so I keep it by the window for photographing birds and squirrels.

The bird in the vertical shot is a goldfinch. It looks dark because the finch sock cast a shadow on it.

Next we see a mallard duck and then a male cardinal.

I'd Rather Be Birdin'

Frank is thinking about getting a cat so yesterday we visited the SPCA in Winchester. I see that they have an "Adopt a Unicorn" event coming up!

We saw some nice cats but he wants a black kitten.

The Caturday blog hop challenges us to post a digitally altered photo of an animal. All I did to this vertical shot was to duplicate the layer and use a Diffuse Glow filter in Photoshop.

Although this post already has plenty of images, I wanted to share a squirrel photo.

And finally, today is National Puppy Day. We don't have a puppy right now so I found an old photo of Lynn with Spotsy.  He was a pointer mix. 


  1. Delightful!! I love puppies & kittens. I understand wanting a black cat...they get a bum wrap, and yet mske oerfect pets.
    I thank you for taking time out in your day to link in and share your blog with us birders at I'd Rather B Birdin'...loved all your photos today.

  2. Hello, love the cute puppy photo. The cats are adorable. Great capture of the deer and geese. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, have a great new week ahead. PS, thanks for the comment and visit to my blog.

  3. Great critters today! I had at least one wonderful black I hope you find your next little friend.

  4. I love kittens! That last puppy shot is a gem. Have a wonderful week.

  5. Great photos!

    Good luck with the cat adoption :)

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  6. So many animals. That little possum is cute.

  7. What a great selection for us here to see … lovely :)

    All the best Jan

  8. I love your game camera. I'd like to mount one on the fence facing the greenbelt where we live to see what goes on.

  9. I love your trail cam ...great catches, it must be like Christmas when you look at it ....wondering what it saw while you were sleeping! We have a bunch of feral kittens here in our resort and they are all coal black. Maybe y’all should come visit!

  10. Lots of cats around I was told the black are last to go, maybe superstitious. the fur shows less on your clothes, LOL

  11. Great set of photos. Have a good week. Diane

  12. Very nice collection of critters. I like the low-flying geese, the cats, and the dog.


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