March 22, 2019

Water, a Worm Moon, and a Little More

1. This pretty pond is along a back road near Long Branch.
Weekend Reflections
2. I 've had this image for a while and it intrigues me but makes me uncomfortable too. A tree branches out over Cook's Creek in a deformed way.

Black and White Weekend.
3. They call this week's full moon the "Worm Moon" because worms come out around the time of the spring equinox. It's not a pretty name, but it's a pretty sight.

I leaned my camera against a post to hold it still because I'm out of the tripod habit. Out of seven images, only two showed good detail. I used a zoom lens and later cropped the image.

Skywatch Friday
4. I saw this sign in Strasburg and liked it enough to pull into the parking lot to take a picture.

Signs, Signs.
5. This is a cell phone picture I took in the rain yesterday. I sent it to the state highway department with an online request to fix the drainage on this road. They are actually very responsive to small road complaints.


  1. Nice sseen

    My contribution:


  2. Glad to see there is some recycling going on. I also got a shot of the moon this week. Take care and enjoy the weekend Diane

  3. ...Linda a neat collection, it's hard to get to flow uphill.

  4. An interesting series of photos. I know what you mean about that tree trunk photo. There is one like that near me. Once I saw a Great Blue Heron perched on it staring into the water below! That made a good photo, but generally speaking I don't like seeing a tree like that either.
    Love that first photo!

  5. I shot a lot to get a little with that moon, the last Super Moon of the year

  6. Odd how a tree winds up like that.

  7. Our road crews do pretty well, too. With weather being so tricky anymore, I am guessing roads will just get worse.

  8. The tree may be deformed, but it still lives :)
    Beautiful moon!

  9. That is a pretty pond, and I love your moon shot.

    All the best Jan


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