March 24, 2019

Barns and a Baptist Church, Strasburg.

The farm buildings are on the outskirts of Strasburg. The church is on Ash Street in town.

Themes and memes remind me to photograph subjects that I might otherwise drive by without really noticing.

Barns are not only picturesque, but they are also vanishing as the years go by. Some get replaced by housing and others just fall apart after they are no longer needed. Farming has changed and is often done on a large scale using modern methods.

Churches are also picturesque. I like seeing their windows and the steeples reaching for the sky.

Esbie Baptist Church was built in 1913. I found this information on Shenandoah Stories.


  1. Love these old buildings - I hope we can find a way to keep them in the landscape.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. ...such a nice simple country church. The barns are weathered to perfection, life looks good along the backroads. Thanks Linda for stopping by, I hope that you have a good week.

  3. Have a nice week Lidia. Your shadows are subtle your photos stunning

    much love...

  4. Great collections of barns...and the sweet church which grew at some point and added more room behind the chimney.

  5. I like that country church. The dog seems to have noticed you.

  6. We have lots of Strasburg memories... Loved our time there!!!! AND--being near the Shenandoah Valley is AWESOME...


  7. Love your barn photos! There is a Strasburg in our county too (Lancaster County, PA). Lots of barns and rolling hills too. Such pretty countryside!

  8. Love those old barns …

    All the best Jan

  9. These are all great captures! The church is an awesome surprise.

  10. If those walls could talk, imagine the stories they could tell. Great series.


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