January 8, 2019

First Random-osity Post of 2019

The Good: I was excited to come across this in Winchester, Virginia: The Tomb of Lord Fairfax.

Why? Well, Thomas Fairfax was a famous name in the part of Virginia where I grew up. Fairfax County was named for him. He was the "6th Lord Fairfax of Cameron," and the only member of the British nobility ever to reside in the colonies. He was born in a castle in England and in 1719 became the proprietor of a vast tract in Colonial Virginia. In 1757 he came to Belvoir, Virginia to live on and manage the land that he was responsible for administering. The following year he hired a talented 16-year-old surveyor to map his land. That youth was George Washington.

A few years later, Lord Fairfax moved to his hunting lodge estate near White Post. He lived there through the American Revolution, apparently unmolested in spite of his loyalty to England. He died there at the age of 88.

The Random: The red barn is on fast-disappearing farmland on the outskirts of Front Royal. A new school recently opened nearby, new housing developments are being built, and the town hospital is going to be relocated to this area.

The Fun: At the entrance driveway to the farm is this sign:  


  1. Beautiful shot . Keep commenting on my blog because I love your comments.

  2. A nice mix here Linda.

    All the best Jan

  3. Nice pictures! We did get out for the state parks first day hike but I didn't win any prizes (I did win a prize over Thanksgiving for one of my pics, though).

  4. I guess I'm confused, why bless daddy and BONES? Of course I'll take any blessings I can get!

  5. laughing at the cow funny!! that's hilarious!! <3

  6. That sign would live well in our area, too. lol

  7. Nice choices. It is a shame sometimes when new developments come in and take over farmland, but it is hard to stop. It is progress of a sort, but it comes at a cost.


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