January 9, 2019

Conservation, S'il vous plaît.

With the partial government shutdown still going on, our national parks are going unstaffed except for a few rangers driving through. We've all read stories of the western parks getting full of trash, but my observations of Shenandoah National Park are not so sad. When I was there on Saturday, I did not see any litter, although plenty of visitors were there, enjoying the scenery and taking advantage of the temporarily free admission.

After a dental appointment on Monday, I drove to Elizabeth Furnace Recreation Area in the National Forest. It was not so clean, although the litter looked like it was pretty much the fault of a small number of beer drinkers and smokers. I picked up trash in three parking lots, filling two plastic grocery bags, which really isn't a lot considering that the road through there is heavily used by locals as well as outdoors enthusiasts.

Please don't leave your trash on the ground, people.

On a more pleasant note, it's Wild Bird Wednesday!

My wildlife camera captured me filling the bird feeders.

The birds shown here are a white-throated sparrow, a Carolina wren, and a Northern Cardinal.


  1. Lovely scenery and bird shots.

  2. ...not thinking, I drove to a local National Wildlife area to see the gate locked.

  3. Sweet birds. How hard can it be to pick up after oneself?

  4. I actually had a young son who would brush things off the table, as if once they were on the floor, they were cleaned up. I did a bit of parental teaching. But I'm afraid many young people think throwing stuff out the window means it's gone and they've cleaned up for themselves. Argh!

  5. The cardinal is a particular beautiful sight.

  6. So lovely to see the birds here in your photographs

    All the best Jan

  7. The scenery is gorgeous to see as is the birds at the feeder. People should always take their garbage home, they wouldn't like it if others threw their waste in front of their homes.

  8. I have a Golden access to get in free, nice to be old. Think of the ones who planned a vacation to somewhere not even open.

  9. Beautiful bird photos! Bless you for picking up the trash of others. Thank you for caring about our national parks.


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