November 28, 2018

Birds Viewed in my Front Yard.

A sudden rain storm came through Monday afternoon. After it passed, I looked out and saw a rainbow. I grabbed my camera and went out on the front porch. I took a couple of pictures and then heard the honking of geese. I zoomed in a little and look at them! They flew into the right spot and I got a photo!

The rest of today's post shows common birds in my yard, starting with a mourning dove.

The cardinal and sparrow were attracted by bird seed. I've only filled the front yard feeder so far because I know bears walk through our back yard and they may not be hibernating yet. A bear does not just rob a feeder, it pulls it down and rolls on it! Then he makes a mental note to come back often.

I look forward to putting up my back yard feeders soon. Temperatures were only slightly above freezing today so if I were a bear, I'd be curling up in a den to keep warm!

I took the second cardinal photo today using a different camera but he's in the same spot as before.


  1. I especially love the rainbow shot. Beautiful

  2. Hello! Great photos. I love that first photo!

  3. That first shot against the rainbow is fantastic, it is great when things like this happen to make a fabulous photo. Keep well Diane

  4. Linda,

    Remarkable job! I loved that you were able to capture not only the rainbow but geese with the same snap. The cardinal is stunning! You did a furtastic job getting these pictures. Thanks for showing them to me! ;)

  5. Hello, wonderful captures of the birds. I like watching and hearing the geese fly over. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  6. Loved that you were there to capture rainbow geese...not so much that Natasha spammed you (comment).

  7. I enjoy hearing the honking geese when they pass over our home... I have my feeders out --but am having trouble with those nasty Starlings. May have to put the feeders up for a week or so --and hoping that the starlings will move on!!!!!


  8. Love the rainbow with geese! Nice photos of the Dove and Cardinals. Great to see the White-throated Sparrow. Do you know that they nest and raise their young in Canada? I am always amazed at the distances birds travel from their Summer to Winter homes.
    Hope you are having a great day!

  9. Very nice photos. The rainbow with geese is a sweet capture.

  10. Awesome rainbow photo, Linda! I'm imagining the geese singing "Over the Rainbow".

  11. Wow, love the rainbow shot! All very nicely done.


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