November 27, 2018

Happy Creek and the Blue Ridge Heritage Monument

Front Royal, Virginia

This chimney-style monument was dedicated in October, 2018 to honor the Warren County families who were displaced by the creation of Shenandoah National Park. This is along Happy Creek beside a walking trail near the Criser Road bridge.

There are similar monuments in several other counties where the park was built. I have previously posted pictures of the ones in Elkton and Sperryville.

Many of the Blue Ridge Mountain residents did not want to leave their land for the sake of the new park, but they were basically evicted in the 1930's, although they were paid for their property. Some elderly people were allowed to remain to live out their lives.

Surnames on the plaque include some that I recognize from local place names: Compton, Corbin, Cullers, Fox, Hickerson, Lewis, Mathews, Miller, Overall, and Thompson.

Park Service Article on The Displaced.


  1. Muito interessante este monumento de homenagem ás famílias deslocadas.
    Um abraço e continuação de uma boa semana.

    Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa
    O prazer dos livros

  2. ...displacement happens all too often. The monument sure is interesting. Thanks Linda for stopping by, enjoy your week.

  3. Hello, pretty view of the creek. I like the name Happy Creek. The monument is pretty, the chimney design is nice. Have a happy day!

  4. Great name for a creek...I've seen one of those monuments and it does give one pause. The folks who lived in the Appalachians were hardy survivors, and then for some reason the government wanted their land. There were some who had already had negative dealings with "revenooers" who destroyed the stills of the moonshiners. I dare say most people weren't happy about the new parks. Glad they get some kind of memorial.

  5. A beautiful monument and a lovely location.

  6. Displacement for larger projects that benefit all are sometimes the price paid for progress. Hopefully all those people were compensated.

  7. I like that peaceful shot of the bubbling creek.


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