July 6, 2018

Five for Friday: At Home.

 1. We had a nice sunset tonight. A friend mentioned it on Facebook so I walked out to the lake with my camera. This image works for 3 blog hops: Weekend Reflections, Skywatch, and Orange You Glad It's Friday.

2. I haven't done much gardening this year but our bulbs bloomed nicely. These are lilies and I'm sharing them with Floral Friday.

3. Flash is slow in his old age. He likes a short walk in the morning and then sleeps most of the day. He perks up a bit in the evening but sometimes doesn't get hungry until really late. Here he's on the deck posing for the Pet Parade.

4. Our pool is gone! I'll miss it on hot days and it was good for exercise, but the liner needed to be replaced, and we just couldn't justify the expense considering how little we used it. We had to pay Chip and Mike to dismantle it and haul it away, which turned out to be a huge job. The wooden frame and decking was solidly built and took days to take apart.

In the photo we see the work was almost done. They still had to clean up some debris including a very old car-top carrier that previous occupants had stored under the deck. We are left with an improved view and more sand than we know what to do with!

5. The final picture was two nights ago just after the sun went down. A storm had just passed and fog hung over the mountains.

Have a good weekend!


  1. ...ow, what a set of bookends for this post. They are fabulous! Thanks Linda for sharing, enjoy your weekend.

  2. Hi Flash, how old are you? We are all lazy here in the summer it is just to hot to be energetic.

  3. Nice sunset! Flash looks like a nice sweet dog!

  4. Great shots, the sunset is a real winner.

  5. Beautiful photos. I especially love the sunset ones.

  6. Nice sunset, and flash is a sweetie. I hope you are having a great weekend.

  7. Such beautiful Virginia skies Linda. I know you'll be happier with the pool gone -- times change ... (In our "previous life" the home we lived in changed so many times over the course of us living there... additions, subtractions, improvements. Fun times! (They really were, but at our age, I'm glad we don't have to do that much any more!)

  8. Pretty sunset and flowers. Flash always looks so friendly.


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