July 7, 2018

Sweet Summer Critters

Let's start with a black and white image of some geese and then look at a gray squirrel.

The little wren was singing prettily. I took his picture on Thursday. Yesterday the big post he was on was removed, one of the final steps in clearing out the area where our above-ground pool had sat for years. I need to find another perch for the birds that I can view from my window.

Next are some farm animals we saw near Reliance, followed by a rabbit in our back yard. 

I missed several pictures of this catbird today because he kept hopping forward.

The final bird has a mouth full of food for baby birds. I retreated after taking the picture because I could hear the babies chirping in a bird house nearby and I didn't want to scare off the parent.


  1. Love the birds!
    Cute bunny!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. ...a wonderful collection Linda.

  3. Hello Linda, wonderful collection of photos and birds. I love the farm animals and cute bunny too. The singing wren is a favorite. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day! Thanks also for the comment on my post.

  4. Awww, all of your photos are just so awesome!! And several different species of birds...great compositions this week.

    Thanks for joining us this week at I'd Rather B Birdin'.

  5. Great photos! I love the one with the donkey and the cows but all of them are wonderful.

  6. Lovely photos! Those geese think a lot of themselves ;)

  7. Great collection of critters! Loved the bunny.

  8. Great creature pictures, Linda. I love the last one with the bird's beak full of worms!!

  9. Great set of critters, Linda. I love that last little bird (looks like a Carolina Wren) --who is waiting to feed those hungry babies.... CUTE!!!


  10. That donkey looks quite curious!

  11. Great photos. My favorite is definitely of the Carolina wren singing away! Makes me miss our little wren who wandered off to sing somewhere else.

  12. You live in a great place for wildlife! I can almost hear that wren (and he sounds much better than the city sparrows I’m hearing right now in real life). Hope you figure out a good perch for the birds as part of your big re-do! It’s pretty nice to see and hear them out your window!


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