June 23, 2018

Flash, Jumping Squirrel, and Some Ducks.

Flash seems to be feeling a little better, at least in the evening. In the morning he barks politely to go for a walk, drinks water, eats only the freshest snacks (to get his medicine down), and may or may not eat breakfast. Then he naps most of the day except for a few potty breaks and some more water drinking. In the evening he acts more lively, showing some interest in his snacks and dinner. He watches me closely and hangs out with us wherever we are.  He seems to like my petting his head.
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Now for the squirrel. Can you see him? I cropped this so he'd be in the middle, and he's jumping from a picnic table to the tree. I had already photographed him on the table and stepped closer, causing him to jump away.

Next we have a couple of mallard ducks splashing in wet grass. Recent rain storms have caused flooding, but the ducks don't mind. They enjoy the extra puddles.

The Bird D'Pot.
Next is a duck who surprised me! I was on our deck putting some almonds out for a squirrel to eat. (They were left over from a can of mixed nuts and almonds don't agree with me.) Well, this muscovy duck seemed to think I was bringing corn or something for him to eat! He hopped up on a step and even came up on the deck itself. I did not feed him but he seemed friendly. I went inside, got my camera and took a few pictures. Then I went back inside. His mate joined him briefly and jumped back down. When I looked again a bit later, they had both disappeared, probably back to the lake.


  1. I guess the ducks know what they luck. I never thought almonds would be on their menu tho. For sharing this post with us birders, I thank you.

  2. Hello, I am glad Flash is feeling better, he is cute. Love the Mallards and Muscovy ducks. Great photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Thanks also for the comment and visit. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and have a great new week!

  3. Hello to Flash - life is still good no matter how much we slow down.
    Pretty ducks and ugly ducks!
    Great action shot of the squirrel
    Have a blessed day!

  4. You did a great job capturing the squirrel in mid-flight! Well done.

  5. Flash is a sweetheart. Glad he is feeling better. Love the ducks, even the ugly ones. :)

  6. Lucky squirrel. Funny muscovys (so ugly they're cute!).... but the best critter news is learning that Flash is doing better. Great to get good news as I catch up!!

  7. Great pictures! Flash looks so sweet. I'm glad to hear he is feeling somewhat better.

  8. Lovely to see that photograph of Flash and your other photo's too. Well done with the squirrel!

    All the best Jan

  9. That Muscovy looks a little bit angry.


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