June 24, 2018

Today at Valley Roots Farm

Middletown, Virginia.
Black and White Weekend.
A notice on Facebook advertised a Farm Tour this afternoon in nearby Middletown. It sounded like an opportunity to photograph a barn and see some animals so we went.

Sharing with The Barn Collective.
The large white barn was worth seeing! I would call this a bank barn because of the entrances on two levels, but the owner pointed out it is also a peg barn. Built over a century ago, the beams are fastened with wooden pegs.

A young couple is running this farm. They had just acquired some pigs that were enjoying the barn yard.

The farm avoids chemicals.

Rain was not far away but fortunately it held off. 


  1. Very interesting!
    Love the last photo
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. You were right about the photo opportunity - that black and white has an excellent collection of lines.

  3. ...it's nice to see such a nice old barn on an operating farm these days. I'm glad that you went on the tour. Thanks Linda for sharing, enjoy your week.

  4. I like the long lines in that B/W image - and the pigs made me smile.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. lots of rain here, almost daily for over a week. Held off yesterday to play a bit in the sun.I just keep extra socks in the saddlebags.

  6. Beautiful farm -- and great that it is non-chemical! We did farm tours a couple of seasons back in Florida -- so interesting and wonderful photo ops (plus Bill grew up on an acreage and helped raise animals and crops, so it was great memories for him). I should check if there are similar tours here in Oregon, now that we're back.

  7. Interesting looking barn. The sky does look threatening in that last shot.

  8. Interesting series...I love the top half of the B&W...all those angles and lines!!!

  9. I like to see the pigs running around in the grass!

  10. What a lovely series of photographs, a lovely mix.
    That sky does look quite threatening in your last photograph …

    All the best Jan


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