June 22, 2018

Five Front Royal Photos

1. It's been wet for several days so I'm starting with a wet pavement photo. We've had storms followed by clearing followed by more storms. Now the roads are flooding and fire departments are posting warnings to stay off the roads! 
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The rest of the pictures are from four days ago, before the current round of storms.

2. The bridge on Criser Road is closed while it is being rebuilt. Traffic to the library can come in from Route 340.
Orange You Glad It's Friday?
3. That bridge crossed Happy Creek, which is usually pretty small. Today it doesn't look like this, because the heavy rain has caused it to flood.

4. A few steps away is a section of the Royal Shenandoah Greenway. The final segment of this path was recently completed, providing a four and a half mile walk through Front Royal and along the Shenandoah River. (Sorry, not this weekend; that part will be flooded!)

5. Just to the left of the Greenway is a sign marking the future site of a monument honoring the families who had to leave their farms so that Shenandoah National Park could be built. It will be similar to the monument we visited in Sperryville.
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  1. I would not want to be a displaced family. But for a park ok. We were displaced by progress. We had to sell our little farm we were in the way of developement.
    Sorry about all the rain

  2. Lot of rain this week here in MS, too. And we have had to detour around road work - old unsafe bridges being replaced. Detours can be aggravating, but I am glad they are replacing bridges now instead of waiting until someone is hurt crossing them
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. It will be a fine monument to those families who had to get out of their homes. Great photos Linda. We have had a lot of rain too but maybe not as much as you as I have seen no flood watches on the news.

  4. ...wow, that first shot sure is dramatic. In history, people are push around a lot! Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your week.

  5. They can never make up for displacing those families! I find it one of the saddest chapters in our history.

  6. I always enjoy your posts...we had a spring flood here last month, and I always feel for those who are affected by them. Many old families here have had to relocate for parks and building of reservoirs...even an entire church and cemetery.

  7. I really like your first photo of the rainy streets.

  8. I like the Happy Creek photo. I suppose it is more of an "angry"
    creek now with the flooding. I hope you get a break from the rains soon so things can dry out for you.

  9. The rainy street photo is fantastic, I like it a lot.

  10. The first photo is well captured and very dramatic - I know that weather well!

  11. Beautiful photographs. I like the stormy sky best.

  12. It can be easy to forget all that went on with creating a National Park. Nice memorial.

  13. Many were pushed on to make areas for all to use.

  14. I love the top and bottom shots.
    Rain is good for reflections but I haven't seen any since moving back to California.


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