May 9, 2018

Well, that didn't work!

After our neighborhood had some success using swan decoys to discourage huge flocks of geese from landing on the lake, some folks mentioned keeping the vultures off the school bus shelter. I think they made the children and parents a bit nervous.

So someone mounted an owl decoy on the roof. As you can see, the vultures are not intimidated at all!

My daughter says the vulture is thinking, “That owl is sitting really still. As soon a rigor mortis passes he’s lunch!”

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  1. Linda,

    Geese I wouldn't mind but vultures I say scare them away if you can. That guy isn't buying the who big scary owl ploy one bit but he's going to be really disappointed when he bites into his lunch. lol Thanks for sharing and joining my WW linky party, dear friend.

    ~Curious as a Cathy
    Angel in the Clouds & Hodgepodge Q&A

  2. Replies
    1. It is illegal to shoot them unless you have a special permit.

  3. Vultures are harmless and environmentally crucial. Did you know that in India they have poisoned most of their vultures? The result, unsurprisingly, is a terrible problem of decaying animal corpses in the streets, everywhere. Of course now they are trying to bring them back! So maybe the vultures could provide a teaching moment for the schoolchildren.

  4. Here's a link to an article, since many Americans didn't know this is happening:

    1. Wow, they were killed by a medicine in cattle carcasses! I did not know about that, but I do appreciate the vultures for their clean-up work.

  5. The birds know better. They do provide a valuable purpose in nature.

  6. ... the birds seem to know better!

    All the best Jan

  7. Haha! I like your daughters sense of humour Linda 😀

  8. Your daughter's comment made me laugh and she's probably right.

  9. Haha! Funny comment from your daughter.


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