May 2, 2018

The Case of the Fake Swans.

I can see a lake from my window and I enjoy watching ducks and geese. Not everyone likes the Canada Geese, and they can be a messy crowd. So the homeowners' association board decided to scare them off! They purchased a couple of swan decoys and put tethered them in the water.

At first I thought the swans were real. But when I photographed them, they never bent their necks or floated very far.  Before long, I learned about the anti-goose plot.

The theory is that Canada Geese are afraid of swans. This seems odd because I have photographed them together, but indeed, the large flocks of Canada Geese that frequently visit the lake have been missing lately.
Fake Swan
Here are Canada Geese on the lake a few months ago.

I love watching them fly and land! And I like hearing them fuss when they are getting ready to take off.

I suppose the absence of the large flocks will help keep the lake clear, but I miss the Canada Geese! We still have a few families of domestic-type geese, and various kinds of ducks, which are not afraid of swans for some reason. We even have a few mixed families of domestic and Canada Geese. I expect some other Canada Geese will return after they figure out the swans are just decoys. 

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  1. Linda,

    Well, what a bummer that your HOA banned geese from your lake! It's sounds like a case of discrimination to me and soon the Canadian Geese will rise and flight to stop this madness so they can once again be permitted to swim on your lake (and so you can photograph them to your heart's content). lol YES, I'm very silly this morning! :D We were in Blowing Rock, NC last weekend and came upon a Swan at the city park's lake. It was pecking in the grass. I got a few pictures. He didn't seem to afraid of us but when we passed he stretched his neck tall and stood defensively making some noise to warn us to not get any closer. He was a big bird. I never realized how big they are until I was that close to one. Whew! Thanks for stopping by and linking up. Have a great day!

    ~Curious as a Cathy
    Sevier Country Courthouse National Pride #WW

  2. Magnificas estas fotografias, gostei bastante.
    Um abraço e continuação de boa semana.

    Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa
    O prazer dos livros

  3. Well, swans are a good deal bigger than the geese, but on those occasions when I've seen them together, the geese don't seem that unnerved.

  4. Is that true? It seems like it wouldn't work any more than those owl decoys work for other critters. I hope you do get to see some again. And instead of swan decoys, they should have bought a swan pair! That would make for some amazing photos!

  5. Nice pictures! It's a shame they are trying to scare the geese away. I'm surprised that would work. There is a lake not far from where I live where a pair of swans live quite happily alongside a large flock of Canadian Geese and some ducks too.

  6. I didn't know that ...
    I enjoyed your photographs.

    All the best Jan

  7. Canadians overpower some areas here.I have seen them together a lot though.

  8. Strange story. I have no idea why they don't get along...:)

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