April 4, 2018

Single White Swan.

 On Sunday a swan visited our community lake. It was alone, unlike four years ago when a whole flock stopped by. This one looks like a mute swan because it has an orange and black beak.

I wonder if it was looking for its partner, or perhaps it's single and searching for a mate. It was gone after a few hours.

Some Canada Geese flew in while I was taking pictures of the swan.

Since April 1st was April Fools Day, I played a little prank on Flash. He was not concerned about it, though.

Yesterday (April 3rd), the swan was back. I went outside and took a few pictures from the back yard. I zoomed in and later cropped the images.

Suddenly the swan lifted into the air. I was able to get one picture of him flying. He rose quickly and his wings made a loud whoosha whoosha sound as he disappeared over our house. I stood there in awe! I haven't heard one fly before.


  1. Awesome last shot!
    And your prank, even if not that impressive - is cute!

  2. ...the last shot is GREAT!

  3. Linda,

    Fabulous shots! I'm mulling over your challenge to sketch a swan. I saves a few of your photographs to use as inspiration. Flash doesn't look concerned at all with your prank but dogs are like that, though. A cat would get up and walk away messing up your photo op. lol Thanks for visiting and joining my WW linky party while I'm in the midst of the A2Z Challenge.

    Curious as a Cathy
    A2Z iPad Art Sketch 'Dolphin'

  4. Pretty captures of the swan. I like the cute Flash photo. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  5. Great to see that photo of swan flying, the first time I've seen one...at least a photo. And the sound, ah that's kind of like the creaky sounds when a skein of Canada geese fly over, between their own little voiced complaints.

  6. You got a great picture of the swan in flight. Well done!

  7. I've never seen a swan fly either. What a bird!

  8. I love swans, beautiful photos. Diane

  9. Wow, the swan in flight is incredible and a fantastic shot. Flash looks very tired and doesn't want to participate in this April Fools foolishness. :)

  10. Love to see swans, they are so pretty. Cute pic of Flash!

  11. What a majestic bird! My favorite.

  12. What a fantastic shot your last picture is ...

    All the best Jan


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