May 7, 2018

Great Minds

 There are a number of traffic signal boxes in Woodstock that have been decorated with murals and sayings. This one features Eleanor Roosevelt and a quote attributed to her. It was designed by Daniel Stover.

"Small minds discuss people."

I found an article and video clip about this series on WHSV.

Sharing with Monday Murals


  1. I like the mural painted on the electrical box and the quote too. Thanks for contributing Linda.

  2. Brilliant quote Linda, I think Eleanor Roosevelt was a very wise woman. Painting utility boxes is such a popular thing these days, here too.

  3. Thanks for sharing the great quote. More locales should decorate their traffic control boxes like this.

  4. She was certainly quite wise indeed.

  5. Great quote! I like murals on utility boxes too. They beautify, educate, or entertain much more than the plain, unpainted boxes.

  6. I like the mural and I like the quote too!

    All the best Jan


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