May 6, 2018

Fishnet Life Center

This is the Light of Life Fishnet Ministries Church, also called the Fishnet Life Center. It is on Fishnet Boulevard near Front Royal. The church has origins in a Christian festival (revival?) held on a farm in this area in 1975. 

Here's a view a little farther up the hill, where Rockland Park is located. 

I took a photo of dogwood tree up there and then had a little fun with it. I hope you enjoy the edit.

[Note to fellow bloggers: If you post photos of churches, link up with InSpired Sunday. There is a great variety of buildings where people worship; let's see them!] 


  1. Such a pretty view. Have a wonderful day.

  2. That is some fine looking farmland - not sure what I think about the building!

    cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. Lovely view of the farmland. I would have never guessed that that building is a church. :)

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. A peculiar name for a church. I like that view!

  5. Nice edit of your dogwood blooms!!!!! Amazing what we can do with colors....

    Front Royal is an interesting little city/town.. I find the name of that church interesting.... We all are supposed to 'fish for people' and bring them to Christ. SO---I guess it is a good name.

    I talked about a new book you would enjoy reading on my blog today....

  6. I like the fun editing you did with the dogwood tree photo. Interesting looking church.

  7. Unusual looking church reminds me of the old factory I used to work in, now that is a church


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