April 30, 2018

End of April: Good, Random, and Fun.

The Good: Springtime has arrived in Virginia and trees are blooming. It really is pretty out there!
Sharing with Floral Bliss and Mosaic Monday.
The Random: For Monday Murals, I've got a horse race mural in a restaurant in Luray. I'm sorry about the lights that are in the way.

The Fun: Rockland Park has a new feature. A cluster of exercise equipment beckons to youngsters and adults alike. It is across the road from the children's playground.

Rockland Park is near Front Royal at the end of Fishnet Road.


  1. Your blooming trees are so pretty. In Finland we have to wait for a while.

    1. Belas flores, aqui perto de casa temos esses equipamentos na praça, muito bom para exercitar o corpo.
      Boa primavera bj

  2. It's all about action with you today! Great post.

  3. Lovely flowering trees mosaic. Have a good week

    much love...

  4. Thanks for contributing to Monday murals Linda.

  5. The blooms are a cheerful sight!

  6. I have been through Front Royal many times. This is for sure a spring post. I love that last picture of the new park equipment, I have never seen equipment like this. The trees are beautiful, and I also get to see you! I love murals, and this one is a perfect size for the subjects.

  7. Lovely blooms make me have a bit of the sniffles

  8. The trees are finally in bloom here too. Such a welcome sight. It was slow in coming this year. Neat idea for the exercise equipment in the park. Nice that you can enjoy it out in the fresh air instead of in a stuffy gym.


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