May 1, 2018

Theme: Laugh

 The City Daily Photo Theme for May is "Laugh." I didn't have any recent pictures of laughing so yesterday I took a laughing selfie. Since I often move my shoulders forward when I laugh, the arm holding the camera doesn't even seem very out-of-place.

I also pulled up a couple of old pictures from this blog that work for the theme. The clouds looked to me like they were laughing.

The final picture is about ten years old. Allison was laughing when I took her picture. Makes me smile to see it.


  1. Smiling as you look at the photos is the object of the exercise, I think!

  2. oh I love this top photo! Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog. I really enjoy to come here and relax and see your photos and your area. It made me laugh today so thanks!!

  3. You have a great smile and how funny the clouds are---makes me laugh--apropos

  4. Fun posts! These pictures made me smile.

  5. Nice to "meet" you - what´s better than smiling and laughing :-)

  6. Great post.
    Lovely smiles.

    All the best Jan


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