April 29, 2018

Today in Mt. Olive

We went to the small town of Mt. Olive in Shenandoah County to visit an art studio. I took a cell phone picture of the Methodist Church, although I have shared it previously. I think it has charm.

[It is neat to see that some of my blogging friends from the 2014 post are still with me! Thanks, guys!]
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The studio we visited was at the end of Mt. Olive Road. Artist Wolfgang Neudorfer has decorated a barn since the last time we were there. Isn't it fantastic?

This is a beautiful area at the base of North Mountain. It's west of the Toms Brook exit on I-81.

If you like rural scenes, drive up Mt. Olive Road and mosey along Back Road. Or just visit the Barn Collective and see what other photographers have captured! 


  1. ...Linda, once again such lovely snap shots of Virginia. A white church and red barns, a nice combination. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Gorgeous Virginia scenery! Love that decorated barn!

  3. A beautiful area! The donkeys are a welcome surprise.

  4. Excellent shots in a beautiful area. I like the quilt barn too

  5. Nice church and I like the photos as well

  6. Love the decorated barn! And it is cool to still have many of the same blogging friends. You deserve to have both new and old ones though -- always such pretty pictures and you live in a little bit of Paradise there!

  7. Such Americana in your shots.

  8. That is a charming church, and I really like the decorated barn too!


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