March 1, 2018

The View from Mercy Medical Center

Yesterday we spent the day in Baltimore where my older daughter was having surgery. Her friend Barb was there too.

I saw Lynn briefly before the surgery, which removed damage she had sustained from radiation treatment after a mastectomy. Since the surgery was going to last over four hours, we had lunch and took a short walk.

Mercy is a nice hospital and very busy. It was recommended to Lynn due to skills of the surgeon, Dr. Chang.  Eventually the doctor came out and talked to us, reporting that all was well. Finally at 8 PM, Barb and I went in to the recovery area and talked to Lynn briefly. They don't allow long visits at that point.

Frank came along to offer support and help with the driving, since it takes over two hours to get there. I was thankful for his help, and also for the navigation system in our car which made it much easier to get out of Baltimore in the dark. I am especially grateful for the skills and consideration of the doctor and the hospital staff.


  1. Lovely pics under not s lovely circumstances. I hope she is home soon.

  2. I'm glad all went well and hope your daughter continues to recover.

  3. Hope your daughter recovers quickly!

  4. That is a nice view! Hoping Lynn is doing well.

  5. It sounds like she was in good hands.

  6. Best wishes for your daughter's recovery.

  7. I'm glad to hear all went well with the surgery. I hope she heals quickly.


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