March 1, 2018

March Theme: Play

City Daily Photo runs a theme on the first of each month. Today the theme is "Play" and I thought it would be easy. After all, I took hundreds of pictures of my daughters as they grew up. But when I paged through some old albums, I discovered that most pictures of them playing looked more like they were working! Apparently children (at least mine) take play seriously. Sometimes they smiled for the camera, but those pictures look more posed than playful.

An exception is when they played with animals. Then they smiled! Here they are playing with their cousins' cats in Bath County.
Marie and Lynn
I still get the best smiles from Lynn when she is holding an animal! And I've seen some of Marie like that but I didn't always take them. (See this post on her blog.)


  1. Those are such happy times! Enjoy your day!

  2. Special moments, a wonderful photo and memory.

  3. What a great photo and such a big handful of kitty, lol. Animals are responsible for many smiles. And I remember play being quite serious (:

  4. Animals always make children, and most adults, happy Linda. Love this black and white moment captured here, perfect for the theme ✨

  5. Pets can and do bring many smiles. :)


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