February 28, 2018

Birds Large and Small

Canada Geese.

Vultures in Trees.
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  1. Nice pics Linda. Love the goldfinch and chickadee.

  2. Linda,

    I just about didn't notice the vultures in the naked tree tops but I caught your caption and taking a second look I spotted them. lol The Goldfinch and Chickadee are such cute little birds. I haven't seen to many Chickadees this winter as winters' past and it's been forever that a Goldfinch has lighted in our backyard. I really need to get my birdfeeder loaded to attract some little feathered friends. :) Thanks for visiting and joining my WW linky party!

  3. Great photos!
    We have a lot of Goldfinches at our feeders right now, but very few Chickadees
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Wonderful shots! I love the geese and the goldfinch.

  5. Great collection of birds! Loved the chickadee!

  6. Love your chickadee and goldfinch... only ever had one Goldfinch in my yard .... what a beauty....


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