November 11, 2017

Another Veterans Memorial in Winchester

It's Veterans Day.
On Tuesday I posted pictures from the Korean War Memorial in Jim Barnett Park, Winchester, VA.  Near that memorial is this one, dedicated to missing and imprisoned soldiers of various wars.

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The centerpiece is this monument to prisoners of war and to those missing in action in the Vietnam War. Around the perimeter are memorial benches to those of other 20th century wars.

This memorial park was built in 2005 by the local Rolling Thunder chapter. For those unfamiliar with Rolling Thunder, it is an advocacy group for prisoners of war (POWs) and missing in action (MIA) service members. They are well known for their annual motorcycle parade on Memorial Day weekend.

When I visited the memorial on October 26, roses were still blooming.  Across the road, youngsters were playing football.


  1. for a while many wore bracelets with the names of a few

  2. Very peaceful. Appropriate for November 11th.

  3. The memorials for POWs and those MIA are especially poignant to me.

  4. The Memorials are always very moving.


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