November 10, 2017

Five Photos for the Tenth

Friday is a good time to catch up on some things so I'll post five miscellaneous images, linking to Willy Nilly Friday and some other blog hops.

1. I took this selfie in the car on Wednesday. The oval sticker says "I voted."

Selfie tip: Try tilting your chin up and holding the camera high. Do you look younger?

2. Recently my friend Sarah lost her husband of many years.  Marshall was 83. I called, sent flowers... and felt inadequate under the circumstances.

It is always sad to lose someone. But recently I saw an inscription on a tombstone that seemed really sweet.

3.Meanwhile, my daughter Lynn continues to recover from surgery and radiation. Recently she was diagnosed with lymphedema, a consequence of cancer treatment. She is now on antibiotics for a related infection. She is brave and her friends help her with some heavy tasks since she is not supposed to lift anything heavy.

4. Cold weather finally reached us today. Fortunately we had warnings, so yesterday Frank and I went to the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley to walk through their gardens one more time before the leaves fell. Not only did we see some pretty autumn leaves, we saw flowers that had not yet been nipped by frost. 
Floral Friday, Weekend Green, and Friday Flowers

5. Also in the gardens were some Japanese maples that were quite brilliant in fall colors. Frank was especially drawn to this Red Weeping Japanese Maple.

Orange You Glad It's Friday?


  1. Your Japanese maple looks gorgeous.

  2. like the selfie tip, good picture. Good to hear your daughter is on the road to recovery.

  3. Beautiful orange foliage. We got our frost, our freeze, and then our first snow, all within two days. So it was nice seeing that rose. Alana

  4. Good to hear about your daughter, sending good thoughts for her continued recovery.

    That Japanese Maple is a glorious colour.

    All the best Jan

  5. The Japanese maple really stands out beautifully.

  6. Lovely pictures, Linda. I like that selfie of you quite a lot.

  7. The rose is just beautiful as is the maple tree. Prayers for your daughter and a speedy recovery!

  8. These are a lovely selection of photos Linda. The one of you is very nice, I like you wearing the hat. My best to your daughter in her recovery and sending positive thoughts and healing energies her way, and a hug.

  9. Last rose...and a marvellous Japanese maple and what nice true words on the stone. My best wishes for your daughter.
    Sorry, I'm very late (have healthy problems and a sick old mother).
    Thanks for joining, have a nice sunday


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