July 3, 2017

New Mural on Fort Street

 A colorful mural has been completed in Strasburg by artists David Guinn and Desireé Guinn. I believe they were assisted by an intern from the high school.

This is on the side of a building that's across from the town library.

They used brushes to paint this, unlike the previous mural which was done with spray paint.

When they were working on this I saw the colorful arches take shape. In the final stages, they added a sweet little deer who appears to be drinking from a blue creek.

The mural is sponsored by Staufferstadt Arts.

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  1. ...a wonderful addition.

  2. It is getting really beautiful. Nice to see the artist at work!

  3. I absolutely love it Linda! I liked it when it was just the rainbow colours but the water sipping deer is so charming that it took it to another level.

  4. Hello, looks very colorful and pretty. I like the deer too. Wishing you and yours a safe and happy 4th of July! Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and the week ahead.

  5. Colourful and vibrant!

    Have a wonderful Fourth of July!

  6. That is an eye-catching mural. I like the little deer as an added touch. Hope you have a nice 4th of July.

  7. They did a fantastic mural, I really like it. Loved the deer. Thanks for sharing Linda and A Very Happy 4th of July :)

  8. This is really very nice and sits on the building very well.


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