May 8, 2017

New Shenandoah Mural

When I learned that a new mural was being painted in Strasburg, I went to see it. After all, I photographed last year's murals in progress. These are organized by a small nonprofit, Staufferstadt Arts.
Artist Erik Burke
This artist's medium is outdoor spray paint. Here he is working on a realistic depiction of grandparents and a baby. 

On Sunday I went back to see the finished mural, which turned out to be two separate images. I puzzled over the blue one, but since the signature block says "Shenandoah," I think this represents the river. 

238 King Street, Strasburg, VA

You can see more of Erik Burke's incredible artwork at

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  1. I had no idea when I looked at your first photo that the mural was huge! Fantastic!
    So glad you were able to see the finished walls and share them with us this week.

  2. ...amazing work with a spray can.

  3. I really like the one of the baby and grandparents.

  4. The artist is very talented with spray paint!


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