July 2, 2017

Reformed Presbyterian Church

Manassas, VA
Constructed as a Roman Catholic Church in 1879, this church sits on the location of a railroad station that was destroyed during the Civil War. It was acquired by the Reformed Presbyterian Church in 1973. 


  1. Hello, pretty Church and photo. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead! Wishing you and yours a happy 4th of July!

  2. A pretty building. I go to one that was similar, but lost its steeple to a tornado

  3. ...I've always thought that Manassas was an interesting name.

  4. it's story book like ... so cute!! lovely! ( ;

  5. Lovely photo. That's a pretty church.

  6. Your photo looks like a postcard! Beautiful church and interesting story about it.

  7. Very nice church... I love taking pictures of churches also ---and when I can, I enjoy knowing their history...

    Happy 4th to you.

  8. Is that in the old town part of Manassas?


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