May 18, 2017

Some Fences Near Aldie

These photos are from April so the trees are not fully leafed out. The road is Snickersville Turnpike, which dates to 1786. The scenes here are in vicinity of the 1st Massachusetts Cavalry Monument.

America's Oldest Agriculture College

"A mile north of here, on Oatlands Road, stands the stone and stucco building, erected in 1854 as Loudoun and Mechanical Institute. Its three founders were prominent County agrarian scientists. Unfortunately, America's first agricultural college, Loudoun A&M, failed to thrive and in 1860 folded.

On June 17, 1863, John Singleton Mosby and his Rangers were resting at the school's site and observed the dust clouds from the ferocious Battle of Aldie taking place here.

 In 1916, the school building and property became the headquarters of the National Beagle Club, where today are held the annual beagle trials. In 1982, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places."


  1. Lovely photos and interesting historical info. I love how the rocks are made into a fence.

  2. I like the rustic style of these fences.

  3. ...a nice rustic collection.

  4. Estrada linda e lugar histórico, aqui no Sul temos cercas feitas assim de pedras! aí é muito frio?? bjsss

  5. Your second view reminds me a bit of country views I remember along the Niagara Escarpment here.

  6. Beautiful pictures.
    I loved meeting you.

  7. Nice shot with the motorcycle taking the bend in the road!
    The old stonewall is a thing of beauty!

  8. That's one way to use rocks cleared of your property. That's what they do all over Ireland.

  9. A great collection of fences ...

    All the best Jan


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