May 19, 2017


This week's theme for My Town Shoot Out is "Escape" and I'm using some photos from Garden Week to illustrate this word.

Perhaps you like to escape through music or art. 

Or perhaps you like to spend time by the water, gazing at it. You can do this by yourself, like this young lady, or you can relax with a friend.

A garden also offers a place to escape. Or a nice inn or hotel.
Sharing with Scenic Weekends and Weekend Green

Can you spot the rabbit trying to escape from the dog? Don't worry, these animals are sculptures!

I hope you escape to something delightful this weekend!


  1. A life without garden is an imperfect life!
    Most I like thog with the rabbit.
    Have a relaxing weekend

  2. ...a beautiful doorway.

  3. Great photos and the dog and rabbit looked real at first. Beautiful surroundings to spend some time.

  4. The dog and rabbit sculptural pair are quite a sight!

  5. Like the dog added with the rabbit,funny.Nice shots as usual.

  6. Excellent choices for the theme. I enjoyed this series. :)

  7. sometimes I wish I could paint like the man in your image :)

  8. So many lovely scenes encouraging relaxation. Especially enjoy hearing music played outdoors. Great ambience.


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