April 30, 2017

Trinity Church in Little Washington

Yesterday we went to a garden week tour in the small town of Washington, VA.  We began the tour at Trinity Episcopal Church.

The church was built in a "country gothic" style. According the church website, James Leake Powers, the master craftsman hired to build the church in 1857, had worked with Thomas Jefferson in building the University of Virginia.

The bell tower and stained glass windows were added later.

If you enjoy looking at church architecture, check out InSPIREd Sunday.

I took extra pictures of this charming church and made them into a photo collage. Click on the image to see a larger version.


  1. I went to Little Washington years ago but only briefly. The church is a very pretty one and I enjoyed your photos. Thanks Linda and happy week to you :)

  2. ...the sunrise window is lovely.

  3. I love the little white country churches. Looks like you found a real gem.

  4. A very attractive series that present this church very well.

  5. Pretty church. I love that first stained glass photo.

  6. Such lovely windows ...

    All the best Jan


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