April 29, 2017

Flying and Farm Critters

Spring is a pleasant time to be outdoors so I've taken plenty of pictures of birds and animals. Saturday is the day to post to Saturday's Critters so that's my reminder to catch up on sharing some of my animal photos, and The Bird D'Pot is also open for links.

Birds shown here are a robin, a goose, and a mallard duck. I'm sticking in a stinging insect too. It makes me a little uncomfortable to look at it actually.

I assume these farm animals need no introduction.

Okay, this pair isn't real.


  1. Great critter pictures--although looking at the stinging insect makes me feel a little uneasy too.

  2. Love all of the farm critters ... real and unreal! Well, the wasp is a little iffy, but it is a great picture. Spring is beautiful around Squirrel Ridge!

  3. My daughter would give both her ovaries for that set of pigs statues!! She collects anything pigs.

    Great photos....your Spring Robin is so much more colorful than when we see them in their winter garb here in Texas.

    I'm a bit late getting around to visiting and sending along my thanks for sharing with us birders this weekend....been out birding since daybreak!!

  4. Such a fun set of critters. Well, maybe not that stinger.

  5. Cute creatures! The last pair made me giggle. ^.^

  6. I need those pigs! Concrete...the best kind! lol

  7. I do like those Stone Pigs - they would look good in my garden!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  8. I love those stone pigs too...a perfect ending to your post!

  9. A beautiful selection of photographs.

    All the best Jan

  10. lol, you collected critters of all sizes :) Love it, even the last pair!


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