April 28, 2017

Five for Friday, Late April

1. I am grateful to Black and White Weekend for choosing my gazebo shot as one of the six photos to show this week. Here's a new black and white  — can you tell what it is?

Yes, that's a water bottle with shadows and reflections.

2. Speaking of reflections, there's one in this window in Front Royal. My foot doctor has an office here part of the time. And finally, my foot pains seems to be less, at least, as long as I wear my Birkenstocks.

3.  Tomorrow is the final day for garden week tours in Virginia. I took this picture of a dogwood and a grove of bamboo on a tour yesterday. I'm sharing this with a Treeline challenge.

4.  Here are a couple of geese in our yard. Note their orange beaks and legs. 

5. Last of all, I have some signs to show you. You can click on an image to enlarge it. I know the utility companies generally oppose the posting of signs on their poles, but somehow Edinburg gets away with it.


  1. A interesting selection. I always have fun with B&W. Glad to hear your foot is healing

  2. Great pictures! I love the dogwood and bamboo shot.

  3. Lovely collection. Especially like the geese.

  4. I love the bottle! The light has made such lovely patterns.

  5. Eu não diria que é uma garrafa, amo gansos!

  6. Just love those geese!
    Very pleased to read your foot seems to be a lot better, keep wearing your Birkenstocks.

    All the best Jan

  7. I'm glad your foot is better ... the hippies were right : )) Birkies are great shoes. I always love finding reflections like that one in a window ...like a beautiful painting.


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