April 27, 2017

Fences, Gates, Gardens

It's Historic Garden Week in Virginia.  I like taking advantage of this chance to tour places that normally are not open to the public.

Yesterday we toured some lovely places in Bridgewater and today we toured some grand homes near Warrenton.  These tours are not cheap but the proceeds go to good causes.


  1. Your photography is outstanding! The photos are beautifully captured! Made me smile too 🙂

  2. ...I'd love to wander down that lane.

  3. Fun to get inside places you always wonder what it looks like inside

  4. I'd like visiting in those places.

  5. I always love tours like these. Great shots!

  6. Several years ago, you told me about the garden tours. So FINALLY my husband and I traveled down from upstate New York to participate in one - Ashland, last Saturday. I've wanted to visit Ashland since my first trip on the Auto Train in 2006 and I finally got to go there. The tour was expensive, yes, but it was well worth it, despite the rainy weather. So thank you! Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

    1. Yay! I am thrilled that you came on my recommendation! I haven't done Ashland but we did three other tours this week and they were great.

  7. These are all brilliant photographs.

    All the best Jan


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