May 1, 2017

May Day Monday Miscellany

Our nice spring weather beckoned me outdoors to take plenty of photos, so I'll catch up on posting some rural scenes and also share with some linkups. Tamar's Random-osity format works well for this.
The Good: The farms of the Shenandoah Valley provide food for many people.  I've got some barns for Tom's Barn Collective, starting with this one near Mount Jackson which is being repainted. 

Here's a collage of barns for Mosaic Monday.

The Random: Mail Pouch Tobacco was advertised on many barns in the past. I think this mural is a modern recreation because it's on a backyard shed and barely visible from the road. 

Sharing with Monday Murals
The Fun: Ice cream! And having it as a picnic is even better.

"Let's Eat" is the current theme for City Daily Photo.  Since I have food allergies, my diet tends to be limited. Cow milk doesn't agree with me, but fortunately the health food store in Front Royal carries goat milk ice cream and the chocolate flavor is delicious! Sometimes I buy some and take it up to nearby Skyline Drive for a picnic treat.


  1. ...Linda, such a great collection of barns! The Mail Pouch Barn sign is like several that I've found. It's nice to find people who enjoy the history and want a piece of it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Made goats milk ice cream a few times, lost my good milker

  3. Love your jazzy looking mosaic this week, great colour choice too.
    I've never tried goats milk ice cream, I wonder if they even sell it here in rural Normandy where the cow is our Dairy Queen!

  4. Love the way you've composed your collage today Linda, and I have to say an ice cream picnic sounds pretty good 😊

  5. Neat pictures. I like the mosaic. I've never had goat's milk ice cream, but I'd be willing to try it.

  6. I wouldn't have thought of goat milk for ice cream, but it makes sense!

  7. I enjoyed this post, great selection of pictures.

    All the best Jan

  8. Never tried goats milk ice cream I bet it is rich and delicious....and sounds like a perfect picnic to me. The mail pouch barn is great even if it is a re-creation.


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