March 14, 2017

Snow Day at Belle Grove

Middletown, Virginia


  1. also have snow, lots of it, with more on the way. These sure are wonderful scenes, Thanks for sharing, Linda.

  2. It's cold but so pretty! I love your photos, the barns certainly stick out against the white.

  3. Snow is beautiful on pictures... I like the red barn.
    Send you a little sunshine

  4. Nossa , muito frio... não gosto!
    sou movida a calor e sol!
    Amei o vidrinho decorado! bjss

  5. The buildings look pretty amid the snow!

  6. I like the way the red barns and fences stand out against the snow.

  7. Nice set of pictures.
    I always think snow can and does look pretty.

    All the best Jan


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