March 15, 2017

Snow at Last

Just as it seemed we were going to have an early spring, Mother Nature decided to present us with a snow storm. It was not as severe as the forecasters predicted, however. They called for as much as twelve inches and we only got five. I wasn't surprised because the weather has been so unusual this year.

On the afternoon before the storm, we stopped at the grocery store (like everyone else). Since my ankles were aching, I waited in the car while Frank went in and bought a few things. I watched numerous people walk to and from the store, and no one was wearing a coat! The weather was so warm that people were walking around in their shirt sleeves getting ready for the snow storm of the season.

It snowed at night and on Tuesday we awoke to a winter wonderland. This was a nice snow because it was pretty but the roads were easily cleared by mid-day.

I had filled our bird feeders the day before so I had plenty of feathered beauties to photograph.

Usually I prefer pictures of birds on branches, but I wanted to share one of the mourning dove on a feeder because I rarely see them perched on a feeder. They tend to eat on the ground, but I guess the snow had covered it so thoroughly that this one got hungry enough to change his habits.

The robin, on the other hand, found a bare spot in the grass where birds or squirrels had scrambled for seed that had fallen from a feeder, thus clearing a space for robin to look for worms.


  1. Linja,

    Okay, brushing in birds on your image like I did with today's photo-art can NOT compare with actually capturing these beautiful creatures like you did. The first picture of the cardinal is absolutely stunning. It deserves a place on a greeting card, calendar, or even framed and hung on the wall. Excellent job! It's been cold here most of this week but tomorrow promise of spring-like temps are in our forecast. :)

  2. Le cardinal est vraiment un très bel oiseau. Quelle chance de pouvoir les observer ;-)
    Céline & Philippe

  3. O tempo está assim em todo o mundo, bem instável...aqui ainda tempestades de granizo e estamos no verão.
    É muita neve, deve ser lindo de ver.

    lindos pássaros! bjsss

  4. ...wonderful feathered friends.

  5. Great wintry bird photos! The first one is my favorite.

  6. Lovely snow (glad you didn't get as much as predicted!) and lovely birds.

  7. Pretty pictures! We had 5 minutes of sleet.... ;)

  8. Amazing first photo, Linda! That's one you could sell on Etsy! Yeah, this yeas it seems to snow a lot - even in California! So much for global warming:):) And the robin is so cute! Hope you will be storm free this coming weekend:) Thanks so much for sharing with ALL SEASONS!

  9. Those birds are saying, "GO away Winter"..... We finally got a little snow yesterday here. We've had almost no winter at all until the past 3 days....


  10. Those poor robins, I put out a dish with worms the other day and it disaapeared

  11. These six photographs are just lovely, a pleasure to look at.

    All the best Jan

  12. Insane weather. Beautiful pictures of your feeder birds (who are lucky to have you). Love the dove adapting by eating on the feeder. And the robin, lucky that spot got cleared for him -- he would never make it with seeds. Hope the storm effects aren't too serious and you get some early spring weather again soon. (We felt a tiny bit of the storm here in Florida where our normal summer-like temperatures dropped down into the low 40s last night (had to remember where we'd stored the blankets).

  13. Enjoy your winter wonderland. Nice photos of the birds!

  14. And where there's a starling, there's usually 50! LOL Enjoyed your bird shots. Snowy days lend themselves well to bird pics!


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