February 2, 2017

At Sentara RMH and New Market

This morning I met Lynn in Harrisonburg where she had an MRI at the hospital. Then we went to lunch at Bob Evans. Here she's showing me her new umbrella, which is cleverly-designed with a see-through panel and a cover that's built into the end of the handle.

On the way home I stopped near the New Market Battlefield to eat a snack and take a few pictures in the late-afternoon light.

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  1. That's quite an umbrella that your friend has. I really like your photo of the fence. We need to get to New Market battlefield one of these days.

  2. Nice photo thank you for Sharan

  3. That surely is an unusual fence :)


  4. Great fences ...

    I always think an umbrella with a clear panel can be a good idea.

    All the best Jan


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