February 3, 2017

Sister Shot, Signs, and a Shiny Sky

1. My sister made a very brief visit this week, arriving Tuesday night and leaving the next morning. We made time for a few snapshots, and since the weather was warm we took advantage of the view in the back yard. 

2. "Please Drive Safely. Heaven can wait." This sign is on a tractor trailer transporting caskets!

I snapped this picture with my cell phone. Frank was driving, as he often does after we eat out. I have food allergies and one is to wheat, which makes me very sleepy. I never order anything I'm allergic to but a few crumbs can wind up in my food in a restaurant and I don't realize it until afterward when I suddenly get drowsy, so our policy is that I drive before lunch and he drives afterward.

3. The shot of the passenger-side mirror was taken a few minutes later. I'm linking it to Weekend Reflections and Skywatch Friday.

4. When I saw this sad dog on a menu cover, I had to admit I know how he feels!
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5. Last (and probably least) is a picture of a metal rooster, which I'm linking to Orange You Glad It's Friday.


  1. Sad dog photo made me smile. Happy weekend!

  2. Glad you had a good visit with your sister. The metal rooster is very attractive.

  3. Nice photo of you and your sister!

  4. what a nice visit with your sister and you have a beautiful view! that poor little sad dog! i like the sign on the back of the truck...many tractor trailers drivers should also follow this advice as i see so many around here going wayyyyy over the speed limit and right through red lights, grrr! thanks for linking linda and have a great week ahead!

  5. It's good that you get along with your sister. The sad dog, I can relate to. I know in the end with the problem I'm dealing with that the other person is going to be the one who sees himself ruined, but at the moment, it's a tough slog to get through.

  6. What a sad little puppy. Great your sister got to visit. My sisters live many states away and I seldomly get to see them.

  7. My policy is that Bill always drives and I always take pictures ;>) (I can drive and do, but he enjoys it more than I do, so when we're together ....)

    I'm glad your sister could visit and that the weather was nice for it.

  8. A nice visit from your sister is priceless. I haven't seen mine in a very long time. The sign on the back of the truck makes lots of sense. People are always in a hurry. Enjoy your weekend Linda.

  9. What a great reflection in the window. Glad you had a good time with your sister. The company for the caskets definitely have a sense of humour don't they!

  10. I love the reflection shot of the clouds. I've been known to do that myself. Maybe if my windows were as clean as yours I could shoot pics as good as yours also.

  11. Always nice to have a visit from a sister.
    I like the reflection photo

    All the best Jan


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