January 1, 2017

Hello 2017! It's the First of January.

Oh, dear! It's Theme Day for City Daily Photo and the topic is Photo of the Year. That means I need to pick one for the entire year of 2016 and it is oh-so-hard! I posted photos every day,  and no doubt exceeded one thousand during the year.

Here are some that I like and I am posting them as the runners up.  I'll show the finalists in my next post.
Geese and Their Guru
Range View Overlook
Forest in Fort Valley
Railroad Bridge, South Fork
Flash Laughs
Leaves on a Mill Stone
Reverse Jet Trail
There were also some family pictures that I love but they probably don't appeal to others as much as they do to me.

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  1. Happy New Year to you Darling Linda, and thanks most sincerely for sharing such a gorgeous post, your photos are always so very charming !
    Hope you've enjoyed all the warmth of your family and your home during these festive days,
    I'm sending many blessings on your days to come

    Xx Dany

  2. These are marvelous- particularly Flash!

  3. Wonderful pictures! It will be hard to narrow it down to just one. My favorites in this post would be the Geese and Their Guru and Leaves on a Mill Stone.


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