January 1, 2017

2016 Photo of the Year

As I mentioned in my previous post, it's hard to pick one image for my Photo of the Year. There are dozens that I really like so I need to have some sort of criteria. I decided to figure out which posts from the year recorded the most hits and select images from those.

My Most Popular Posts of 2016:
  1. George Washington National Forest 9/30/2016
  2. In and Of Historic Winchester 8/15/16
  3. Lagrange Farm 10/25/16
  4. Friday Five from Skyline Drive 8/5/16
  5. Don’t feed the Goats, 11/12/16
  6. Skies, Scenery and a Quote 12/9/16
Of course, number of views does not mean the posts have the best photos, but I needed to have some means of narrowing down over a thousand pictures to a manageable number. The first two posts got hundreds of hits because their titles have words that match names that people are searching for on Google.

I don't know why the third one got many views: Lagrange Farm. It is a lovely place so here's a photo from my post.

A post entitled Don’t feed the Goats was popular for its humor.

There were several nice pictures in Skies, Scenery and a Quote. One is this view from Skyline Drive.

Also from that post is this image of reflections, which drew several positive comments. For that reason I'm choosing it as Photo of the Year. Visit CDP Theme Day to see what others are posting.

Photo of the Year 2016


  1. ...I always enjoy a good reflection.

  2. Your view from Skyline is my favourite.

  3. I like the third photo the best. Beautiful

  4. Gorgeous photos all! Happy new year!

  5. Nice collection, but your final photo of the reflections is definitely the best.

  6. A nice set Linda and I love the reflection and the view!


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